Advisors Powerhouse


"Your Dream, Our Mission"

About Us

Advisors' Powerhouse is a group of financial adviser representatives representing The Great Eastern Life Assurance Company Limited.

At different stages of life, we experience different needs. Be it planning for financial securities, wealth accumulation or career switch, we want to help you in achieving it.

For clients, we provide ethical & needs-based selling advisory work in order for you to achieve your dreams with a peace of mind. In order to maintain long term good relationship with clients, we placed integrity as our major core value.

For career seekers, we are passionate about making a positive change in your life. Your dreams, your goals and your lifestyles are our main focus. Our positive attitude shall heighten your altitude in this career. Your successful result is important to us as it define the embarkation of this long term camaraderie journey with us.


Our Vision

The Great Team That Establishes Promising Future Into People's Life.

Our Mission

To Provide Clients With A Peace Of Mind For Financial Planning.

To Empower Associates To Achieve Their Dreams Through Results-Proven Mentorship.



Our Core Value



Long Term Relationship

Collaborative Teamwork

Performance Excellence

Entrepreneurial Spirit